One person from each Aid Station will pick up all of the equipment and bring it to the location. All Aid Station Volunteers should report to the Starting Line around 6:30 to get your shirts and any last minute updates. You will then head over to your location and start filling cups. You should arrive to your station at least 15 minutes before runners approach so you have time to pre-fill 100-150 cups.

You will hand out cups of water, Gatorade and in some locations, food. The cups should be filled 1/3-1/2 full. Hold the cup in the palm of your hand and hold it out for runners to grab as they run past you. Yell out “water” or “Gatorade” so the runners can decide what they want. If you have food at your station, let the runners know as well. Do not block the path of the runners but stay close enough that they do not have to jump over curbs to get to you. Runners will drop their cups on the ground when they are done, you should rake the cups up and place in trash bags. If you have an Aid Station Captain, they will pack up everything and return it to the finish line. We will have free drinks and appetizers for you at the Great Dane from 1-3 pm.

One person at each station will have a two-way radio. If you see someone who is struggling or injured, please radio for help and we will send someone to your location. If it is an emergency, call 911. There is a first aid kit for cuts, scrapes and minor injuries. You will have cooling towels and ice if someone is having trouble with the heat. James Ahern is the Aid Station Coordinator, you can call him at
(717) 903-9880 for non-emergency questions.

AID STATION 1 – Garret M, Amanda H, Dawn L, Josh L

Aid Station 1 is located on the bike path next to Old Middleton Rd and Eau Claire Ave. Runners will first pass you as they turn left onto the intersecting bike path (mile 2.5), they will then pass you again when the return and turn left again (mile 4.2). Lastly, they will pass you a third time as they return from the turn-around point (mile 11.9). Watch for runners between 7:15 am and 10:30 am.

AID STATION 2 – Cheryl K, Robin K, Chris D, Conner D

Aid Station 2 is located on the bike path at the end of Purdue St, behind the Shorewood Hills Pool. Runners will first pass you on their way to the turn-around (mile 5.4), they will pass you again as they return from the turn-around point (mile 10.7). Watch for runners between 7:30 am & 10 am.

AID STATION 3 – Tracy W, Jenny F, Sara T

Aid Station 3 is located on the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path off from Willow Dr and Marsh Dr, next to the boat launch. Runners will first pass you on their way to the turn-around (mile 6.8), they will pass you again as they return from the turn-around point (mile 9.3). Watch for runners between 7:40 am & 9 am.

AID STATION 4 – Jess I, Allison D, Nathan B

Aid Station 4 is located on N. Eau Claire Ave, between Sheboygan Ave and Regent St. 5K Runners will pass you between 7:12 am & 7:55 am. The Half Marathon runners will pass you between 8:30 am & 10:45 am.