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2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Participant Shirt

2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Participant Shirt

This is not just another race shirt. This is YOU.

Maybe it’s your weekend routine and you’re a seasoned pro at this. You sign up for a race right at the last minute. The day before the race, you question “oh where do I get my packet again?” You look up directions to the packet pick up, and you quickly walk in. You impatiently wait in line, you get handed your bib, you stuff your shirt into your goody-bag, barely even look at it (what’s another race shirt, anyways?), you don’t even care what sponsors are there, you leave and go on with your day. You show up race morning, run your race, and you go home.

That is not our race. You will not find that here.

Our race is about details; it’s about the experience from the moment you make the commitment and register months in advance all the way until you fall asleep Sunday night, back home resting well after accomplishing your race. Our race is about connecting with other athletes, and more importantly, connecting with yourself. It’s about what it MEANS to be a runner or walker. We do not impatiently short cut anything. Detailed though, planning, and execution go into every single thing we do at Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K. The 2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K participant shirt is no different. And we are excited to tell you our ‘why’ behind this year’s design.

The 2015 participant shirt had the simple words of our race slogan: Her Race. Her Story. Her Way. We wanted to keep it simple: designed on a little black t-shirt, with white writing and our runner girl icon. Being the first year, we wanted to simply state what our race was about and get our name out into the community. It makes our team smile as we see those shirts all over in the community and in photos on our social media feeds. Those shirts were made to be worn proudly – keep it up ladies!

For 2016, we wanted to dig a little bit deeper. We wanted to further develop our identity as a race, and further develop the character of the participants that our event attracts. Our race is open and welcoming to anyone. We get to see and meet so many different individuals toeing the starting line, each with their own story. The beauty is that even though each participant is a unique thread to the cloth that is Her Madison, our participants are all very similar. What unites our participants isn’t about how fast they are, how far they can run, or where they are from. What unites us all is that we all are made up of the same qualities.


Some qualities are bigger & more bold than others, but each of us has at least some of each.

And sometimes what motivates us is the very thing that we stomp under our feet when we go for a run.


With every step those negative thoughts fade away, pounded into the pavement as we go on to crush our goals.

What we wanted to express this year, is this: NONE of those qualities listed inside our runner depend on how far you go or how fast you go. What is important is how you feel when you accomplish your 5K or half marathon goal. THAT is what makes up a runner. THAT is what makes up our race.

A deep commitment to our participants is behind everything we do for Her Madison. To us you are not just a bib number, you are oh so much more. From investing extra cost for contrast stitching to offering a more flattering fit, and from picking a color that is feminine but doesn’t feed into gender stereotypes (i.e.: pink) to offering a wide spectrum of sizes for all body types, behind every detail is a striving desire to bring you the best possible experience. Our team is small, but sincere. We may make mistakes along the way, but we can guarantee that any mistake will only lead us to work harder for you. Thank you for choosing Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K – YOUR RACE. YOUR STORY. YOUR WAY.

See you in June,
Event Director
Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K