Runner 2 will drop off Runner 1 at the Start Line. Runner 1 wears the race bib without a timing chip attached. Once the race starts, Runner 2 will drive to Lot 60 at the intersection of Willow Dr & Marsh Dr behind the University Hospital. The exchange is on the bike path next to the aid station and bathroom. Runner 2 will begin running where Runner 1 left off, going past the exchange point (not back to the starting line yet), completing a loop before passing the exchange point. Runner 1 will wait at the Meet Up Spot and both runners will finish together. Runner 2 has the timing chip on the bib.

Runner 1 will run 6.8 miles, Runner 2 will run 6.3 miles.

The Start Line is in the BMO Harris Bank parking lot across from the Great Dane Pub. The Meet Up Spot is at the entrance to Hilldale Mall at N Segoe Rd. There is no signage here so wait anywhere you are comfortable.